About Me

Who are you?
I am a self proclaimed tech geek living and working in the Northern Virginia (NOVA), Washington DC Metro area. My interests here include *NIX based computer systems (Mac OSX, Linux, BSD, UNIX),mobile technology, FOSS (free open source software), web development, design, and photography.

I am also a member of the GIA.

There, I am known as Agent 711.

Who else are you?
I am a husband, a father, a combat veteran, a tinkerer, an outdoors man, a dreamer, a lover, and for the most part human.

I have earned my living many ways including, selling guns, serving beers, and slinging bullets.

Now I live my life behind my desk as an analyst, quietly shuffling papers and pushing pencils while watching my 401k slowly rise.

What’s in your utility belt?
Since my blog focuses on tech items, I guess I should put a list of my “toys” that I use on a somewhat daily basis on here, so here they are:

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