Posted by: Garrick | January 20, 2008

Openembedded Chumby Images [via totalueberwachung]

[via totalueberwachung]

Get the images and instructions from here:
From the README:
What works
* console access, though the colours are a bit off (seems like red and green are swapped
* Input via USB Keyboard
* WiFi (association to Open and WPAPSK Networks tested) You need to follow iwpriv-usage.txt which is included in the rt73 sourcecode to setup encrypted networks
* Sound via alsa
* Touch screen


* Mode switching seems broken. When X is started or when ts_calibrate exits the screen becomes really unstable. I have now added a patch, that just returns when the kernel function is called. The function that needs to be fixed is imxfbactivatevar. There is already a workaround in this function, but it doesn’t seem to help.
* Something isn’t right regarding the colours. Maybe the kernel thinks it’s using palette mode while it’s not or vice versa.
* Using the rt73 drivers provided by chumby resulted in a kernel panic after some traffic.

[via totalueberwachung]


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