Posted by: Garrick | December 6, 2007

Chumby Control Panel Beta v. 2.6.49 now availible.

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3 days after the first Beta release, an update is available. Chumby is defiantly listening to its users.

To run the Control Panel Beta on your chumby, select it from the popup menu on the website on the “My Chumby” page – it’s in the lower right – and reboot your chumby. To return to the release Control Panel, just reselect “Control Panel” (without the “Beta”) and reboot your chumby.

If you decide to revert back to the release Control Panel, you may need to “restore to factory defaults” in Safe Mode if you’ve made changes to the first alarm in the Alarms screen, since it’s interpreted by the older Control Panel as alarm2.

if you are running a previous beta, simply reboot your chumby. Please review previous release notes if this is your first beta.

Release Notes:

Version: 2.6.49
Release Date: 12/6/07

Summary: Adds SHOUTcast and Radio Free Chumby as alarm audio sources, adds Night Mode and Power post-alarm actions, fixes bugs in the Clock/Alarm and Channels subsystems. Improves reliability of alarms in general, although they are still not completely dependable.


* replaces scrollpad control in SHOUTcast, now direct scroll like Radio Free Chumby. Still evaluating.
* adds mixer to Radio Free Chumby stations in order to play wider selection
* fixes “back” button on Mediafly panel
* fixes misc minor bugs


* adds SHOUTcast and Radio Free Chumby as alarm audio sources
* adds Nightmode on/off post-alarm action
* ands Power off post-alarm action – should power up again for next alarm
* misc artwork changes on action and audio pages
* fixes misc minor bugs

Night Mode:

* correct computation of “next alarm”


* fixed some confusing button names
* changed screen routing on completions – reload and change channel return to main Control Panel

“Pi” Panel:

* added “off” button – this is a “hard” off – will not power up for alarms.

Known bugs:

* Internet Radio alarms do not current honor duration
* “Music Files on USB” will not recognize complicated file names (requires firmware update)
* occasional failures to alarm
* occasional “ghosting” of alarm screen



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