Posted by: Garrick | December 3, 2007

Chumby Control Panel Beta 2.6.48 Beta Availible

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New control panel for the Chumby is being added as I type this.

See below for added functionality:

To run the Control Panel Beta on your chumby, select it from the popup menu on the website on the “My Chumby” page – it’s in the lower right – and reboot your chumby. To return to the release Control Panel, just reselect “Control Panel” (without the “Beta”) and reboot your chumby.If you decide to revert back to the release Control Panel, you may need to “restore to factory defaults” in Safe Mode if you’ve made changes to the first alarm in the Alarms screen, since it’s interpreted by the older Control Panel as alarm2.

Release Notes:

Version: 2.6.48
Release Date: 12/3/07

Summary: Greatly expands the Music functionality to include a wider selection of music and audio sources, most notably SHOUTcast, Mediafly, SlimServer, and local files. Also expands the Alarm functionality to allow an arbitrary number of alarms, with more options. The Channels functionality has also been refactored to be clearer and less ambiguous. There are very likely bugs in the alarm subsystem in particular – do not expect this Control Panel to wake you up.


* adds new Music screen to select continuous music/audio sources
* adds SHOUTcast music selection screen
* adds Mediafly podcast selection screen
* adds Radio Free Chumby selection screen
* adds SlimServer screen
* adds “Music from USB” screen
* replaces iPod screen with new artwork


* removes Alarm 2
* adds Alarms screen to manage multiple alarms
* adds alarm volume control
* adds more granularity to alarm days – one time, weekends, weekdays, each day of the week in addition to daily
* adds duration to the alarm
* adds ability to change channel when alarm is dismissed
* adds ability to suppress the alarm ring screen


* adds new interstitial screen to explicitly select the channel operation – reload, change channels, get info, accept/decline


* adds checkbox to enable the screen touchclick

Night Mode

* increases the size of the text, removes the AM/PM indicator
* adds information about the next scheduled alarm

Missing functionality

* use of continuous music sources as alarms
* other post-alarm actions such as Night mode

Known bugs:

* Some audio sources may not actually play – in many cases this is due to the behavior of the upstream source, but there may be other reasons – incompatible formats, etc.
* The alarms will sometimes fail to properly handle night mode
* The alarms will sometime leave a “ghost” image of the ring dialog.
* The iPod functionality is limited to less than about 4,000 tracks – a fully loaded 80GB iPod will crash the system
* some iPod functionality clunky, especially when switching playlists

And this is from

Like getting the latest software, even if it’s a little rough around the edges? We’re making the beta control panel accessible for people like you.

Our advice: Only tech-minded people should try the beta control panel. This release may require some manual intervention through SSH or resetting the device to factory defaults. This release is also not officially supported by the Customer Support team.

Still willing to give it a try? Then follow these steps:

1. Click on the dropdown menu and select “Control Panel Beta”.

2. Power off your chumby and then power it back on to load the new control panel.

3. Check out the chumby Control Panel 2.6 Beta thread on the forum to learn more about the features.

You can go back to the standard control panel at any time by selecting “Control Panel” from the dropdown menu, and powering off/on your chumby.

[update] Beta 2.6.49 is now up and running. See my post for info.



  1. You can now personalize the podcasts on your Chumby. But it’s in alpah so only venture forth if you don’t mind a little dust and some rough edges. But it’s fully functional.

    Full link to how-to post:

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