Posted by: Garrick | November 20, 2007

Internet radio on Chumby


Good news Chumby lovers. Until now, the only way to play internet radio on my Chumby has been via SSH on my home computer, and/or setting up Slimeserver. Apparently that is going to change in one of the next OTA (over the air) updates.

Here is an excerpt from the Chumbysphere Forum:

Steve Tomlin- “Very soon Insiders will be able to see streaming Internet radio in an early form as we’re still working on it.”

“It will be easy to use. I clicked on it and am listening to KCRW over my chumby now — and if *I* can do it, anyone can :^)”

“Can’t tell you that much specifically about the radio yet but we’ll be exposing the actual capabilities (in beta form) in a couple of weeks to our Insider buyers, so you’ll be hearing a lot about it :^) It will be streaming Internet radio from a large directory of stations and podcasts, also from a directory provider.”

“Everyone with a chumby, excluding the original early suede “alpha” chumbys, will get the same updated software with this new functionality.  We’ll certainly be making it easier to get streaming Net radio than going the SSH route — just requiring a fingertip.  I’m listening to KCRW on my chumby now and I haven’t the slightest idea of how to deal with SSH or btplay, etc.  Others here love the geek power; me?…I love the simplicity :^)”

For those who don’t know, Steve Tomlin is the Chairman of Chumby Industries. He maintains a presence on the Chumby forums along with many of the software and hardware engineers involved in the project.

Chumby OTAs are downloaded to the device via bittorrent and installed upon reboot. The last update my device received featured mainly bug fixes having to do with the touch screen and Flashlite.

Much of my excitement about this product has been the constant communication between the developers and users (both “first 50” and “insiders”) . It is something you don’t see in many companies (when was the last time you went into a forum and reported a bug directly to Steve Jobs?).


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