Posted by: Garrick | November 9, 2007

OLPC “Give One-Get One” reminder:

Just received this email from the people at the OLPC project:

You are receiving this email because you requested a reminder from One Laptop per Child about our limited-time “Give One Get One” program. Starting Monday, November 12 at 6:00am EST, you will be able to donate one XO laptop to a child in the developing world and also receive a laptop for the child in your life, by visiting or calling toll-free 1-877-70-LAPTOP.

“Give One Get One” is the only time we are making the revolutionary XO laptop available to the public. For a donation of just $399 ($200 of which is tax-deductable), you will be giving the gift of education. Additionally, T-Mobile is offering donors one year of complimentary access to T-Mobile HotSpot locations throughout the United States, which can be used from any Wi-Fi-capable device, including the XO laptop.

We will send you another email when the program begins on November 12. Until then, thank you for your interest in OLPC. We hope you’ll join us in our mission to bring education and connection to children in even the most remote regions of the globe.

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  1. I want to get some laptops for a particular school in Nigeria. If I do the buy-one-get-one, can I stipulate which school should get the laptops???

    It seems difficult for individuals to get involved in purchasing laptops for particular schools. In the case of Nigeria, I am very sceptical about the government doing a good job.

  2. I believe if you donate a large amount of machines, then you can decide where a percentage of them go. If you donate enough, I believe you can choose the destination for 100% of the machines.

  3. Ok so I just recieved this email after participating in the G1G1 program and am not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling:

    From: OLPC Customer Care
    Date: Nov 15, 2007 10:55 PM
    Subject: Thank You for Donating to One Laptop per Child

    Thank you for participating in the One Laptop per Child “Give One Get One” program. Your donation of $399.00 will bring education and enlightenment to children of the developing world. $200 of each $399 “Give One Get One” Donation is tax-deductible (your donation minus the fair market value of each laptop you receive). With Shipping and Handling, the total charge to your credit card is $423.95.

    As a “Give One Get One” donor, you will receive one of the first XO laptops to be distributed in North America. Laptops will be delivered on a first come, first served basis. While early purchasers have the best chance of receiving their XO laptops in time for the holidays, quantities are limited and we cannot guarantee timing. We will provide you with regular email updates.

    If you have any questions about your donation, please contact OLPC at or call 1-800-201-7144. Should your employer wish to match your donation, we are a 501(c)(3) organization and our EIN# is 20-5471780.

    T-Mobile USA is proud to offer you one-year complimentary access to T-Mobile HotSpot in recognition of your support to the One Laptop per Child “Give One Get One” program. As you help children in developing countries stay connected, educated and enlightened, T-Mobile is supporting you! You will receive an email message close to the time that your laptop ships containing instructions on how to begin your complimentary year of T-Mobile HotSpot service. Please refer to for additional information on T-Mobile HotSpot Wireless broadband Internet service.

    To find out more about the mission of One Laptop per Child, please visit To review “Give One Get One” terms and conditions, please click here.

    Thanks again for your generous support, and welcome to the One Laptop per Child community!


    Nicholas Negroponte


    OLPC Foundation


    Although I didn’t expect this to definately show up by Christmas it almost sounds like some people may not recieve the “Get One” portion of the deal. Don’t take me the wrong way, I would be fine with going out and buying my kid a cheap laptop and still donating one but if this is not a well managed process people will go elsewhere. This would include the Intel based ASUS Eee PC 700 that is profit based initiative unlike Nicholas Negroponte OLPC effort.

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