Posted by: Garrick | November 7, 2007

Chumby Software Updates

Word coming in that Chumbys are being updated over the air as I type this.

Can’t wait t get home and see what is going on.

[update] New features and bug fixes listed below.  Click here for the full release notes.

[Chumby Forums]


What’s New

Major Features

* Open source based software
* Connectivity via wi-fi
* Touchscreen interface
* Automatic software update mechanism
* iPod® connectivity to listen to your playlists
* Online photo viewing
* Online streaming video viewing
* Interact with major social networking sites such as Facebook
* Flash® animation player
* Multi-tone alarm clock
* Day and night modes
* Accelerometer to interact with motion sensing widgets
* Interact with other chumby owners

Improvements and Fixes

* chumby Linux distribution updated to use BusyBox Version 1.6.1. Details of the identified library updates and fixes to BusyBox can be found at .
* chumby Flash® Lite™ Player updated to Version 3.0.2. This version contains fixes directly from Adobe® and chumby contributions to the Linux version of the Flash Player.
* Updated chumby BlueTune player to Version 2.5. The update contains fixes for playback of streaming MP3 and OGG audio files plus other minor fixes from BlueTune.
* The chumby iPod playlist scan has been improved to be 50% faster.
* The Over The Air Update (OTA) sub-system has been rewritten to be more stable and contain an HTTP failover if the BitTorrent client is too slow or fails.
* Improvements to the overall system stability:
– Fixed a number of issues with the audio subsystem
– Made enhancements to the networking subsystem
– Improved Flash Player stability
– Improved reliability of working with USB storage devices
– Improved the automatic software update system
– Improved searching for available wi-fi networks

Noted Bugs Fixed


* Bug 1077 – A USB initialization failure would affect the chumby wi-fi functionality.
* Bug 234 and 502 – Compatibility with the Apple Airport Extreme and Express in WEP(TSN), WPA, and WPA2 security modes.
* Bug 755 – Wi-fi access points with hidden SSIDs will be detected and the chumby can connect to them.
* Bug 860, 1026, and 1027 – Built-in chumby Help includes help text about wi-fi MAC filtering and other topics.
* Bug 980 and 1005 – Manually entered IP network information is now handled properly in the chumby control panel.


* Bug 1074 – Audio driver usage improved to allow over 60 hours of continuous chumby runtime without choppy audio.
* Bug 966 – Music/iPod playback will resume correctly after using the pause button on the music control panel.
* Bug 996 – Music/iPod rewind button will rewind to the beginning of the current playing audio file.
* Bug 698 – Improved iPod service to be restarted when Flash Player restarts to prevent iPod devices not being recognized by the chumby after a Flash Player restart.
* Bug 974 – BlueTune player will now play MP3 files with CRC checks in the frame header.
* Bug 1006 – BlueTune player will now play OGG streaming files.
* Bug 697 – Improved audio playback when playing a widget using the accelerometer.


* Bug 463 – When a user taps the top of the chumby to use the control panel while watching a YouTube video, the video playback pauses and resumes correctly when exiting the control panel and returning to playing the YouTube video.
* Bug 962 – Improved Flash Player management of webcam widgets to prevent memory overuse.

alarm clock

* Bug 627 – Built-in alarm sounds will play for 30 minutes instead of 1 minute.
* Bug 1007 – Changing the alarm clock setting will now override the snooze timer to prevent the snooze alarm sounding.
* Bug 648 – Alarm sounds will be heard during YouTube video playback.

OTA update

* Bug 927 – The chumby OTA process will use an HTTP method to complete the update if the BitTorrent client is slow or fails.
* Bug 1019 – During the process of an update using a USB flash drive a screen will indicate to the user the chumby is rebooting.
* Bug 753 – Improved graphics to instruct the user not to interact with the chumby during the update process.
* Bug 688 – When the update screen displays a message about an unsuccessful update the text instructs the user to try again.
* Bug 1017 – After a REPAIR SAFE MODE operation the update complete screen will be seen.


* Bug 1032 – The chumby introduction movie now contains better touchscreen instructions.
* Bug 851 – In the chumby control panel the previous/next widget buttons have a larger touch area.
* Bug 1022 – When the chumby is turned on or is rebooted, the first widget in the channel will play completely.
* Bug 993 – When viewing a widget sent by a chum, the widget description is not truncated.
* Bug 126 – Timezone files have been updated for new Daylight Savings Time rules.


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