Posted by: Garrick | October 31, 2007

I caught a Leopard!!

Mac OS

Ok, last night I did a clean install of Leopard on my “BlackBook”.

First impressions….WOW. I did not think that Leopard was going to suprise me, but it did. For afirst release, it is fast and stable. The UI is beautiful (minus a few issues I see with it which I’ll talk about later). My 2Ghz Core Duo Macbook screams running this OS. Tiger was getting a little slow toward the end due to all the crap I had installed, and various hacks I had tried, so I’m sure thats one of the reasons 10.5 seems so much faster to me.

I won’t go into detail (because I’m on a time crunch right now) but here are my immediate likes and dislikes:


  • Spaces (great implementation of multiple desktops while keeping an “Apple” feel to it)
  • Time Machine (interface is great, haven’t actually used it yet)
  • Finder (finally, a Finder I can love)
  • Stacks (very handy)
  • Tabbed Terminal (this will save me quite a few open windows)


  • Dock still needs work (I’m a dock on the left side kinda guy, so it doesn’t effect me much, but it still seems inconstant)
  • Icons (the new system icons are hideous by previous Apple standards, I already own Candybar, and will definitely be changing them)
  • Transparent Menu Bar (pointless in my book, but should be easy to hack)

Most of my dislikes are strangely enough UI issues (something I never dealt with before on Apples). I guess thats a good thing, because the OS itself feels top-notch.

More comments to come…


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