Posted by: Garrick | October 29, 2007

Google Calendars, Calendar Provider, and Lightning

My last post was regarding Gmail and Thunderbird. This post is for setting up 2 way syncing with Google Calendars and Lightning (the calendar plug in for Thunder Bird). You can also use the stand alone program Sunbird, but who wants 2 applications open when it can all be run under Thunderbird.

  1. First, you need Mozilla Thunderbird (you are already using that for you email right?)
  2. Then you will need the Lightning extension. (Sunbird users can skip this, Lightning is basically Sunbird built into Thunderbird. )
  3. Next download and install the Google Calendar Provider into Thunderbird/Sunbird.
  4. Restart Thunderbird for the add ons to take effect.
  5.  In Thunderbird, goto the calendars and right click in the Calendar Name list and select “New Calendar”.
  6.  Select “On the network” and click next.
  7.  Select “Google Calendar”
  8. Now you need to go into your Google calendar settings and copy the private XML location of your calendar.
  9. Paste the XML location into Thunderbird and press next.
  10. Now just type in the name you want the calendar to be and what color it should be labeled and then your done.

You can do this with public and private calendars, and to the best of my knowledge,  there is no number limit on how many you can subscribe to.

between this, and my earlier post about Gmail on Thunderbird via IMAP, you are on your way to having a free all in one PIM application that can take the place of Outlook.


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