Posted by: Garrick | October 29, 2007

Gmail, IMAP, and Thunderbird

So by now, all of you Gmail users have IMAP access with your accounts. A lot of you are perfectly content to use Gmail, Google Calendars, and the like in a browser window. But for those who want to try something new, would like off line access for their email, and two way syncing of their Google Calendars, here is a quick how to.

If you are using Thunderbird (if your not, why?) you can follow these easy instructions from the Gmail Help Center. Pay special attention to the port numbers.

Thunderbird 2.0

Note: if you’re using an older version of Thunderbird, we highly recommend upgrading to version 2.0.

To set up your Thunderbird client to work with Gmail:

  1. Enable IMAP in your Gmail account.
  2. Open Thunderbird, and select Tools > Account Settings.
  3. Click Add Account.
  4. Select the Email account radio button and click Next. The Identity screen appears.
  5. Enter your full name in the Your Name field. Enter your full Gmail email address ( in the Email Address field, and click Next.
  6. Select IMAP as the type of incoming server you are using. Enter in the Incoming Server field.
  7. Set the Outgoing Server to, and click Next.

  1. Enter your Gmail username (including in the Incoming User Name and Outgoing User Name fields, and click Next.

  1. Enter a name for your email account in the Account Name field, and click Next.
  2. Verify your account information in the dialog box, and click Finish.
  3. Select Server Settings from the folder list below your new account.
  4. Update the Port value to 993.
  5. In the Security Settings section, select SSL from the Use secure connection options.
  6. Select Check for messages at startup and Automatically download new messages
  7. Click Outgoing Server (SMTP) in the folder list

  1. Select the (Default) entry from the list and click Edit. The SMTP Server page appears.
  2. Enter as the Server Name and set the Port to 587.
  3. Select User name and password and enter your Gmail username (including in the User Name field.
  4. Select TLS from the Use secure connection radio buttons and click OK.
  5. Click OK to save your changes and exit the Account Settings dialog.

* Did you click ‘Save Changes’ after enabling IMAP in Gmail? To ensure that Gmail can communicate with your mail client, be sure to click Save Changes on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP settings tab.



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