Posted by: Garrick | September 14, 2007

Nintendo Dual Screen, Revolution R4 flash cart, homebrew, and of course Linux.

Ok, new toys galore, which means some reviews heading your way. After recieving my NDS (Nintendo Dual Screen), I ended up purchasing a Revolution R4 flash cart adapter. This allows me to play Home Brew applications, videos, music, and backup ROMs on my DS. This also opens up the DS for its own Linux port titled (suprisingly enough) DSlinux (not to be confused with Damn Small Linux).

I will be writing some reviews and how-tos for this soon, but for now, just this little post.

By backup ROMs, I do mean backup. This cart does allow playing of pirated ROMs obtained from bittorrent and other P2P sites, but I am currently on using it for copies of games I ahve allready purchased. It makes a great way to condence your game library onto one easy to manage cart.


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