Posted by: Garrick | September 5, 2007

The Beat goes on [my only prediction for this event]

We'll be back soon

Heres my prediction/wishful thinking:

A wide, touch screen OSX based iPod with wifi. The mythical iPhone minus the phone.

Why do I believe that it will be announced? Simple.

  • Steve said himself that they were working on OSX based iPods
  • It is almost a guarantee that the next iPod would support a wide screen resolution.
  • Apple re-invented the wheel, now its time to lose it and go with a touch interface to match the iPhone and compliment the new iPods OSX underpinnings.
  • Wifi hopefully will be added, and this might be supported by the rumors of “circle”.
  • If the Wifi rumors are true, then at that point there is no reason not to suspect Safari support on this iPod, along with wireless syncing with iTunes.

[Update 2:06pm]

I was right.


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