Posted by: Garrick | September 4, 2007

OpenEZX (Open Moko on Motorola EZX platform phones)

Not that I have ever played with the Moto A780, E680 or E680i phones, but apperently, with some hacking they run the OpenMoko interface beautifully. Some say better than the FIC Neo 1973 itself.

The goals for OpenEZX are currently:

  • Collect and publish information related to the Motorola EZX Phone hard- and software.
  • Port all drivers from the Motorola 2.4.20 tree into a recent 2.6.x kernel. Once they’re working fine, submit all of them to the mainline tree.
  • Provide a source tree that allows for running a 100% Free Software firmware. Initially this will “just” be a 100% free Linux Kernel, userspace may follow later on.

 Sounds like a good project. It will be great to see many devices supporting (directly or indirectly) the OpenMoko framework.


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