Posted by: Garrick | August 1, 2007

Mythbuntu 7.10 Public Alpha 3


Today marks the release for the third Mythbuntu alpha image. With this release, we introduce an AMD64 built image as well a standard x86 build. Should there be enough demand for a PPC build, we will do one of this for the next alpha.

A lot of the feedback from Alpha 2 was very positive, and alpha 3 adds a variety of additional features not present in alpha 2.

Changes from Alpha 2:

LIRC Support

* All kernel modules shipped within the Gutsy kernel. No need for compilation. Kernel upgrades will pull in new modules as well.
* Remote control selection. Both within the installer, and LIRC debconf
* Automatically load kernel modules, and select a lircd.conf shipped with LIRC
* Generates a lircrc for MythTV, Xine, Mplayer, & VLC automatically.

Live Frontend

* A complete pyGTK based application is shipped now for configuring in Live mode
* All settings can be saved to a flash drive
* Configures Remote per new LIRC support
* Mounts SMB/NFS shares for videos/music/pictures
* Customizes the hostname
* Tests MySQL connection info prior to connecting
* Allows for a fully live mode based frontend. Searches for flash drives upon boot and loads the configuration rather than into the installer if one is found.

Meta Packages

* A “standard” mythbuntu installation meta package has been produced and included. This will make sure that when upgrading between releases, all new requirements will be added without needing to perform a new installation.
* A default-settings package is now shipped. All configuration files will be included in this.

Resolved Issues:

* You don’t have to be connected to the web for install anymore. A LiveCD repository is included now for any packages needed during ubiquity.
* Multiple tuners can be selected during installation


Updated screenshots for Apha 3 are available at the newly formed Mythbuntu Screenshots Page.

We appreciated all comments from the last release and would love to hear what you think of this release. Several suggestions made are in progress and will be seen in a future release. Join us in #ubuntu-mythtv on with any comments.As previously,
If you encounter any issues with anything in this release (including ubiquity), please file a bug on launchpad: you have any ideas to get into the final release, feel free to write a blueprint on launchpad:

If you run into any issues, either come join us in #ubuntu-mythtv or write a question on launchpad:

The ISO is available here:


Torrent, Alpha 3, i386
Torrent, Alpha, AMD64


Courtesy of
ISO Image, Alpha 3, i386
ISO Image, Alpha 3, AMD64


i386 md5sum
AMD64 md5sum


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