Posted by: Garrick | July 31, 2007

Sierra Wireless Aircard 875U on Mac OSX


Today I picked up the Sierra Wireless USB Aircard from the ATT/Cingular store. I opted to pay full price for it so I wouldn’t be locked into a 2-year agreement (I’m already stuck with them for the next 2 years due to my Treo 680).

The CD included does not include software for Mac OSX (you can to download it here). Installation is quick and painless, as most Mac programs are, and you will be up and running on AT&Ts 3G and/or EDGE networks in no time.

Speed wise, I haven’t noticed to much diference compared to the broadband wifi conection I use in my apartment.

I don’t care for the USB plug ,(no other option for the regular MacBook) but it will do just fine.


Next step is getting it to work with Ubuntu…


I have canceled my 3G plan with Cingular/ATT since I have a good WiFi plan at my new house. I plan on posting my aircard on eBay or Craigslist soon.



  1. How did you get it to work? I got the same card from my company and downloaded the software on my PowerBook G4 1.33GHz and it refuses to connect to the AT&T network. Tech support is clueless.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you. Mine has worked fine from the get-go, aside from some occasional slow connection times.

    Good luck.

  3. Mine also is not working on an intel macbook. what mac are you running yours on?

  4. I am currently running it on a Black Core Duo MacBook with Mac OSX 10.4.10, and occasionally using Windows XP SP2.

  5. Did you boot it up under Windows XP or using the Sierra MAC software? If you used Sierra, did you have to configure it the account name, or did the Sierra software configure itself? And did you have to set up an AIRCARD connection under Network settings?

  6. I downloaded the Mac software from:

    Under XP, I just loaded the included software CD.

    It auto configured it self the first time I started it (it added a profile called “ATT Auto”) in OSX.

    Mostly the same deal in Windows.

    There was not anything I had to do with my network settings in OSX, it just worked.

    Doesn’t sound like this is much help to you, but good luck.

  7. We just picked one up the other day, & we’re using it on Windows XP home version. It works great! The fastest we’ve ever had! Connects at the full 3.6M every time. We live in the middle of nowhere & have had to put up with Verizon’s ancient infrastucture & lame excuses while watching them advertise high speed DSL (which is unavailabel to us) for 12 years. Now it’s “bye bye verizon” & to our localized provider, & hello to the internet the way it’s supposed to be cruised on! Don’t give up on it. We have Centennial Wireless as a cell phone provider & now for internet, & they’ve been very helpful & considerate to us so far. Good luck guys!

  8. FYI: For those who maybe be looking for the free route for the aircard …

    You can go the free route here – but yes there is a service agreement:

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