Posted by: Garrick | July 18, 2007

Zonbu released

Here is a letter I received from the Zonbu team announcing its availability: 

Dear Zonbuist,

It took us a few more weeks than expected, but Zonbu, the hassle-free inexpensive green computer, is now shipping to early customers!

You can order your Zonbu at: We are giving priority to customers who registered early.

Zonbu has received a lot attention from the press.  Here is what some had to say:

New York Times: “Zonbu said that it would be the first desktop computer for consumers to receive the gold rating [from the Green Electronics Council]”

PC Magazine: “A $99 PC with up to 100GB of storage, a small footprint, and the ability to play your multimedia files? That’s pretty hard to believe, but the Zonbu PC pulls it off.”

Gizmodo: “…amazingly as simple to use as a Mac… this machine syncs, swaps, and backs up your data automatically, over the wire. I love it.”

Wired (Geek Dad Blog) : “I really think this may be the perfect solution for setting up a pretty indestructible computer for my kids. […] I’m thinking, come Christmas, I may pick up one of these for the kids, and then one as a kitchen Internet station.”

Get your Zonbu now and help us make Zonbu better!

The Zonbu Team.


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