Posted by: Garrick | July 2, 2007

OpenMoko will be my “iPhone”

The Neo1973 Open Moko platform is supposedly going on sale this month. With many similar hardware features as the iPhone (including WiFi and touchscreen interface) this device is going a completly different direction than Apple. This will be the first truely open source phone. Currently, the OpenMoko Neo1973 is a small linux box with a touch screen, few apps, and of course phone service. It has the potential through open source developers, hackers, and even commercial developers to be a tremendously powerful device.

OpenMoko and OLPC

And of course with a price close to half what the iPhone is retailing for ($300 for the standard, $450 for the advanced with developers tools) , and the ability to run on most US mobile phone carriers, it is a great toy option for us gadget geeks.
Update 7/3/07

The units going on sale July 9th are pretty much for developers only. Looks like I will be waiting until October for the mass market version.


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