Posted by: Garrick | June 7, 2007

Ubuntu 7.04 "Fiesty Fawn" on my MacBook Core Duo

I know, I know. Everyone has posted their impressions of the latest stable release of Ubuntu (7.04). I just wanted to make sure Macbook owners understood how easy Fiesty is to install versus Edgy or other Linux distros. Besides making a boot camp partition, and installing the Intel 915 resolution package, installation was the same as any other computer (if not easier, my Averatec gave me huge issues during install.).

The following link is to the Ubuntu community help pages which has step by step instructions on how to install Ubuntu Edgy and Fiesty on a MacBook.

For those who like the UbuntuStudio look and feel,but don’t need the added software, Complicated Mind has a quick and easy how-to for adding the US themes.

To get all of the non-free video and audio codecs, plus some cool non-standard software, try Automatix2 (It is the second thing I install with Ubuntu, after Google Browser Sync).

If you have, or use multiple computers along with Google services(Gmail, etc..) and Firefox, Browser Sync will sync all of your Bookmarks, passwords, and other settings between those computers. If you add a favorite on your “Macbook”, then it will also show up in your favorites on your “Dell”.



  1. ubuntu 7.04 is called





  2. Funny, I write Feisty out on a daily basis, and I still manage to spell it wrong.

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