Posted by: Garrick | May 9, 2007

How-to: Leapin’ Linux, Let’s Make the Jump, Sheep!

How-to: Leapin’ Linux, Let’s Make the Jump, Sheep!

via Gizmodo on May 09, 2007

Fuck Windows, and fuck the Mac, too. Maximum PC shows you how to make the jump to Linux from start to finish, and shows you how to stay there once you’ve abandoned all those other PC and Mac sheep to go your own open-source way.

Let’s all get the hell out of these mainstream operating systems and get into the real stuff. How about we dig into that latest Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, easy as pie to use, and let’s slather on a heaping helping of the 3D Beryl desktop compositing engine on top to keep things all prettied up?

But, but …

There’s even a way to run Windows on Linux using Parallels, so the excuses are getting thinner and thinner for staying with your white-bread religion. Sure, there’s plenty of help on the Interwebs for Linux and Ubuntu installation, but none as to-the-point as this.

And hey, there’s Firefox on Linux, too, so the Giz will still look just about the same. Get thee hence, all we like sheep who have gone astray. Every one to his own way. Live your own life! Get down to it. – Charlie White

You Can Switch to Linux! [Maximum PC]


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