Posted by: Garrick | March 11, 2007

My new Treo (kinda new).

Haven’t been posting in a while. Just popped in to let those few who do read this about my new Smart Phone. I recently upgraded to a Palm Treo 680 through Cingular/AT&T. I know what some of you are thinking. Cingular is going to have the iPhone. Cingular has the Treo 750. Cingular has this, Cingular has that.

I am a Mac user. I am also a Palm OS user because it works well with Macs, and i all ready have my Tungsten T3. I don’t care for Windows Mobile, and there are no decent/readily available Linux Smartphone on the market (yet).

The 680 is the best Palm OS based phone available through Cingular (the 700P is Sprint only). It will do music, movies, games, sync email, sync calendars, push email, takes pictures, takes video, etc…
I will be posting the few bits of software that I deem necessary for Treo owners to download shortly, but for now let me say that the past 2 weeks with this phone have been a joy.



  1. Just wondering if you know whether the Treo 680 will run Meebo or another web-based IM? I have an E62 now and Meebo won’t work – apparently it will on OTHER E62s, just not Cingular for some stupid reason! I have unlimited web but limited texting so I wanted to run a web-based IM to save my “bucket” of messages. 🙂 THANKS!

  2. I’m not sure. i just mad an attempt, and it doesnt seem to work on either Opera Mini or Blazer. I will look into this further, but I think its a limitation on the Treos web browser or Cingular/ATT network.

  3. I just installed Toccer for my 680 and it works great. Web apps don’t seem to work, but if you have a AIM account, Toccer is fast, works in the background, and alerts you the same way it would if you had a text message.

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