Posted by: Garrick | December 9, 2006

Enlightenment DR17 on Ubuntu

I had been struggling with all the E17 how-to pages out there to get it working on my Macbook, so I finally just went to and punched in thier repos. For once, the easy way worked.
Heres how:

go here and copy the E17 edgy binary repo and add it to your sources list
-Download the key included on that same page.
-Add said key using “sudo apt-key add repo_key.asc”
update your sources. “sudo apt-get update”
-install E17 with “sudo apt-get install emodules0-all enlightenment”
-Log out, change session to E17, log in and play.

I must say, E17 doesnt seem that great untill you start adding themes and modules to it, but once you do you will have a clean fast window manager with tons of potential.

:::note::: Do not use Enlightenment as your primary desktop. It is still in developement and tends to be a little unstable. On that note, I have had few issues with it and use it most of the time now.


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