Posted by: Garrick | November 7, 2006

How-To, Linux on 5G iPod Video…mac only

Here is a quick tutorial, plus download links on how to get Linux working on your 5G iPod:

-First check out and find out if you want to try this, and what you want from this.

-Then download the iPodLinux installer for 5G iPods.

-Next you will need the Loader2 script and files from

-Now, with the Mac iPodlinux installer and “Loader2” folder on your desktop, right click on the installer app icon and “show package contents”.

-While this file is open, go into the “Loader2” folder and grab the file “loader.bin” and swap it out in the installer file. (you may choose to back up the original file, but its not really necessary).

-Now close the installer app window, and in the “Loader2” folder window double click the “iplinstall” script and follow its directions.

-The script will talk you through the steps of installation with simple “y,n” questions.

-On my 5G Video, I haven’t been able to get all the games working, but iDoom, Twilight Warrior (a Doom based WAD) and both Pacman Games run just fine. It also has a nice boot loader to switch between iPodLinux, Apple OS, the different games you install here, and disk mode.

-Once all the files are finished copying, just eject your ipod and it will automatically reboot.

-select iPodLinux in the Loader2 menu start it. (you will probably get 2 errors while loading, ignore these bugs.)

-Now that you are in Podzilla2, go to “settings” then “Back light Timer” to turn on back lighting so you can actually see your screen.

-Have fun, go play.


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