Posted by: Garrick | November 1, 2006

iPodLinux on 5G iPod Video part 2

Ok, if like me the novelty of you iPod was slowly wearing off and you needed to spark your interest back in that little $200+ paperweight , try Podzilla. The added features, and ability to boot back and forth between iPodLinux and the standard iPod OS make it very entertaining and safe.
Don’t worry too much about the endless warnings on how it could possibly (but hasn’t yet) brick your iPod, or end your Applecare plan. If you have any problems, just reinstall the firmware and no trace of Linux is left.
Podzilla adds video functionality to non-video ipods,including the Nano.Also adds tons of free games to play, including iDoom. I haven’t gotten iDoom working on my 5G 30Gb Video yet, but there are plenty of tutorials out there. There are also Gameboy, NES, and MAME emulators available for download to run on your ‘pod.

Linux on iPod is not the most functional, nor the most stable, but definitely worth the the time for those of us who like to tinker and hack our toys.


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