Posted by: Garrick | October 10, 2006

Quake 4 demo on Macbook

Someone Told me to mention this on my blog, so here I am.

The Quake 4 Demo came out a little while back, and I was hesitant to even try it on my MacBook. Sure 2 gigs of ram is enough. Sure a 2.0 Ghz Core Duo is quick enough. but no dedicated graphics memory severely limits playing of intensive 3D games.

Those who are looking for a time killer (which Quake 4 defiantly is) will be happy to know, that with effects and graphics turned way down, game play on the MacBook is great. I saw very little lag on the demo (though I wouldn’t try multiplayer, that’s a whole different animal) and the graphics even turned down were very good. I would ALMOST consider buying this game for my Mac, except I don’t play often enough to warrant it. For now I will stick to classics from Ambrosia software, and leave the heavy gaming to big desktops and consoles.


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