Posted by: Garrick | October 4, 2006

KDE on MacOSX Desktop

Today’s project was a spur of the moment idea. Mac OSX is Unix based (Darwin which is a BSD Unix system is the underlining core of Mac OSX), so why can’t I run KDE, Gnome, or any other desktop GUI on it? Well you can.
I found info, and appropriate links for side by side installation of KDE on OSX on this page. By using Fink and Apples Xcode Developers tools, you can have KDE desktop and all its associated programs run on Mac OSX simultaneously. I am installing the package right now and will post screenshots once I am done. The instalation looks alot more difficult than it is if you are a Unix/Linux newbie like myself, but it should be smooth and easy by following the simple instructions on this page. There is actualy very little user input required, and although it takes place mostly in the, it is still quite easy. IT DOES TAKE A VERY LONG TIME!!!

::note:: I was unable to install my first try due to some software conflicts on my harddrive. I beleive those were from previously installing X11 and GIMP. I wiped my HD, reinstalled Mac OSX from disc, and began installation from there just to make sure I started with a clean slate.


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