Posted by: Garrick | August 30, 2006

Forget Boot Camp…

Ok, after some time trying to install various Linux Distros and older versions of Windows XP and 2000 Pro, I gave up and decided to finally give Parallels a try.
All I can say is wow… I was astounded at how quick Ubuntu and Windows XP ran under virtualzation. On my 2.0Ghz “BlackBook” with 2 Gb of RAM, Ubuntu ran quicker than it did running native on my old HP. Same with XP, altho I am sure XP will run incredibly fast under boot camp (I refuse to buy a new copy of XP sp2, so I’ll never really know.).
In fullscreen mode, noone would be the wiser that you aren’t running either OS natively.
I have converted. Until I start gaming again (not anytime soon) Virtualization is the way to go.



  1. Hey mate,
    I’ve just ventured into the Blackbook and Ubuntu arena.

    I’m struggling to get it installed… Have you got any tips you could give me?

    Give me an email to my gmail account:

    =) I’d appreciate it.
    Btw, nice blog! and that skull pic is cool – have a nice day!

  2. Well, try the instructions on ,they worked for me the first time I tried (until I decided to delete the partition and start over).

    Also, with Kubuntu, WiFi works out of the box on the macbook, so give that a try. It is the same install as Ubuntu.

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