Posted by: Garrick | August 24, 2006

The Slow Demise of Apples .Mac

Dave Caolo wrote an interesting article on TUAW about the slow demise of Apples Mac.
I had been using the .Mac trial for about 1 month before I realized that it wasn’t what I needed, and was offering things that you can get for free throughout the Internet. After reading the article I immediately download some of the free alternatives he had posted.

First off, the Google Browser Sync extension for FireFox. Within 5 minutes I had my 3 computers (1 Macbook, 1 Dell w/windows, 1 Hp omnibook running Ubuntu) all synced through FireFox. All my password were saved, new bookmarks added to my Macbook automatically were added to the other 2 computers and vice versa, etc.. Very handy for syncing between your browser at work and at home.

Now to gDisk. This is a great program that makes it easy to store files online for free. Take 1 Gmail account (free w/invite, contact me if you need one, i have about 200 invites available) and upload files with gDisk to it for backup, or for hosting your web pages images, music, or whatever. I highly suggest just inviting yourself and creating a Gmail account just for this, and use a separate account for Email. Currently Gmail offers over 2.7 Gb of free space, well over .Macs 1Gb.

These were the only things that concerned me about .Mac, and is why I will not be upgrading from trial membership for $99/year (keeping in mind, if Apple gets its act together, $99 is actual quite reasonable for easy web hosting/email/iDisk/etc….)

Hopefully Steve Jobs will be announcing some sort of serious upgrade to the .Mac program at his next keynote speech.
Until then, just Google it.


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