Posted by: Garrick | August 21, 2006

Ubuntu Live CD

OK, just booted off of the Ubuntu Linux 6.06.1 Live CD for the first time. That’s one hell of a shock seeing a different operating system boot up on a Mac. Windows is one thing, but watching the brown and orange themed Ubuntu come up for the first time was impressive.
The Live CD loaded up relatively quickly, and identified almost all of my Macbooks hardware (except my wireless card). Once loaded into my RAM, Ubuntu ran quick and smooth, and I started noticing standard features that required separate programs on OS X. One is multiple desktop spaces. If you have windows open on “desktop 1” and need space to look at FireFox, just change to “desktop 2” to open that program, or click back to quickly switch back to the first desktop. On the Mac I had used Virtual Desktops, but while useful, i found it to be a bit buggy.

Let me set this straight right now. Ubuntu is not the prettiest OS out there (Mac OS X is still my fave), but considering its free, open sourced, loaded with applications, has a full desktop interface, and runs on nearly half the system requirements most new OS’ do, it is one hell of a deal.
Right now I am backing up my hard drive onto an external firewire drive so I can partition, and install Ubuntu side by side with OS X.

BTW I would not ever replace OS X with Linux or Ubuntu, but if I was still on a Wintel machine, I’d drop Windows in a heartbeat over this.


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