Posted by: Garrick | August 1, 2006

Ubuntu on Macbook

So I just sent away for my Ubuntu disks to install on my Macbook. For those of you who don’t know, Ubuntu is a free Unix based Operating system that runs on many different types of computers. Worldwide programs like this are shipping with PCs instead of windows to cut licensing costs, and give people a feasible, free alternative to Windows and Mac OS.

I will say nothing bad about Mac OSX which is what I’m currently running on my Macbook, but I am interested in trying the free world of Linux distros. Once the CDs arrive I will have my laptop set up to boot in both Mac OS X and Ubuntu.

Unix based operating systems are the future of computers (and the past being that Unix started back in the ‘60s) and I want to have a basic understanding before it become a true household name in home computing.

That, and the fact I have time to kill. So why not learn a completely different OS then what i am used to?


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