Posted by: Garrick | July 19, 2006

Back from the Apple Store…

Just got back from dealing with the Apple Store “Geniuses” and have to report that I am quite impressed with Apples customer service. Keir, my Ewan Mcgregor look alike genius, was a huge help and sped through the process after i told him all the diagnostics I had already run . I had heard complaints from people who had to deal with customer service by phone and email, but if you have a Apple store near by, it is worth the trip.
My Macbooks superdrive was being very picky as far as what kind of disks it would accept. Namely, it accepted everything EXCEPT magazine freebie disks. CDs, DVDs, original software all work fine until I slide in any of my MacAddict disks, then it spits them out. Keir ruled out software after booting off of a external firewire HD, and ordered me a new drive which should be in friday. So friday i will hop the Metro to Pentagon City and drop it off to be installed ( they said it should be done same day, if not while I wait). That sur beats sending it off for 1-3 weeks and hoping that they don’t wipe my hard-drive in the process.


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