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I should have put this up a long time ago now, but my site has moved to

Please feel free to visit me there.

Posted by: Garrick | January 20, 2008

Openembedded Chumby Images [via totalueberwachung]

[via totalueberwachung]

Get the images and instructions from here:
From the README:
What works
* console access, though the colours are a bit off (seems like red and green are swapped
* Input via USB Keyboard
* WiFi (association to Open and WPAPSK Networks tested) You need to follow iwpriv-usage.txt which is included in the rt73 sourcecode to setup encrypted networks
* Sound via alsa
* Touch screen


* Mode switching seems broken. When X is started or when ts_calibrate exits the screen becomes really unstable. I have now added a patch, that just returns when the kernel function is called. The function that needs to be fixed is imxfbactivatevar. There is already a workaround in this function, but it doesn’t seem to help.
* Something isn’t right regarding the colours. Maybe the kernel thinks it’s using palette mode while it’s not or vice versa.
* Using the rt73 drivers provided by chumby resulted in a kernel panic after some traffic.

[via totalueberwachung]

Posted by: Garrick | January 20, 2008

Heavily hacked Eee PC


What do you get when you take a sub $400 Ultramobile and add secondary flash storag, internal SD card support, GPS, Blutooth, 802.11N, FM transmitter, Modem, and added USB ports?

Answer is one seriously hacked Eee PC.




Snapshot based backup for Linux systems. Looks very interesting, I am trying it out now on my test machine.

Read how to install and configure it here.

[via Bernaz’s Weblog]

In case you haven’t noticed yet, there’s an eject button at the top right corner of the MacBook Air keyboard. There’s no disc drive, but you push it, something pops out. Somewhere. Click. Schwing. Poop. Some people say this key ejects the optional SuperDrive, but after countless—or maybe just three—days of in-deep investigation in cocktail bars and going through the trashcans outside Jonathan Ive’s house, we’ve compiled a list of potential actions: • Ejects random F-15 Eagle National Guard pilot currently flying over the US.
• Activates road speed bump.
Launches Inter-Continental Ballistic Missiles while playing War Games with demented mainframes.
• Don’t make war, make love and launch giant dildos instead. (NSFW)
• Fires up the farter-burner in jet-propelled toilet.

[Read rest of article @ Gizmodo]

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“A common mistake people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.”

– Douglas Adams, author (1952 – 2001)


[via Neatorama]

Posted by: Garrick | January 18, 2008

OSX Dock pillows and Stacks shelves [via Giz]


Don’t think my wife would apreciate this type of decorating in our house…I would though.

[via Gizmodo] 

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Macbook Air’s arch nemesis from the past…


Posted by: Garrick | January 17, 2008


PlayOnLinux (POL) is a python-based frontend (with bash install scripts) to install windows programs in Wine. Originally, the program’s purpose was to let new linux users install their favorite windows games with ease. Since then, the program has evolved to include office-based windows programs (such as MSOffice 2003), and DOS based programs (using DosBox).

[via Wine Review]

[via Macenstein]

For some reason, Apple has decided to hobble the MacBook Air SuperDrive. Despite being a USB device which should work with any Mac or even PC, it will only work with the MacBook Air. A call in to Apple has confirmed that the system requirements listed online are correct, and a MacBook Air is required to use the drive. (There go our dreams of using it with our Apple TV’s USB port).

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